Florian Merkel
photography, site specific art, graphics, painting, performance

drawings, illustrations and sculptures
photography and painting, hand coloured photographs
musical performances
pictures and projects 1983-2013

Grafik, Illustration und Kunst am Bau
Fotografie und Malerei, handcolorierte Fotografien
Musik und Performance
Bilder und Projekte 1983-2013

for early works and specials go to >>> http://florianmerkel.com

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exhibition "Fotografie, Grafik, Malerei, Video"
Waschhaus Kunstraum Potsdam
2014/03/06 - 2014/04/06

acrylic paintings 2007-2012
mural 2014: acrylic paintings 2007-2012

photographs 2010-2014
Kentaur Project: photographs 2010-2014

coloured photographs 1990-2001 

video and prints 2009/2010
BEEP OFF - GIMM: video and prints 2009/2010